Access Control System


We offer access control solutions that put current information, effective control and swift response capabilities at your security staff finger tip, helping to improve security across your entire organization. Our access control solutions include a wide range of access controllers, digital proximity readers and ID systems and advanced biometric solutions.

Centralized cardholder management.

Our security manager is our powerful, software-based application. It uses distributed server architecture to simplify management and access of cardholder functions for employees, contractors and visitors. The system stores and unlimited number of cards and indexes them for quick access. Card holder information is stored and updated centrally for easy access throughout the organization. Shared access speeds processing in operations where employees visit multiple sites and helps ensure data consistency and accuracy. Centralized cardholder management also gives operators access to a wealth of customizable data and displays from a single window at their workstation

Unsurpassed Security through Integration.

Integration access control operations with our Enterprise Building Integrator (EBI) provide complete single window access to building information and enterprise database. The result: vastly improved security response and control. It means, for example, that your access control system can automatically deny access to site contractors by time of day, duration or project expiration. Expect new operational and staff efficiencies, expanded control capabilities and enhanced security responsiveness when you integrate access control with your building management systems.

Key features of Honeywell Access Control Solutions:

  1. Works with a wide range of Honeywell and third party card and reader technologies, surveillance and alarm systems.
  2. Provides fully-integrated support for fingerprint readers and biometric authentication systems using hand geometry.
  3. Integrates photos and signatures into cardholder database for streamlined badging operations.
  4. Provides constant real-time location and status of tagged equipment and people throughout your facility when integrated with Asset Locator.