Are you concerned about your home safety and security? What level of security would you be happy with? Do you have a family and home to protect or is it just yourself. Are you afraid of using guns, pepper spray or a stun gun?

There will always be a lot of questions that need answers when it comes to your home security, your safety or your families safety. What are you comfortable with. Do you just want a home alarm system like ADT that you see on TV or do you want something much more elaborate?

Considering I’m a single male of 63 years I’m very comfortable with guns, pepper spray or anything else needed to deter someone from doing harm to me, in my home or out. I don’t need fancy home alarm systems or video cameras. What I need is a good secure door in the front and back and good window locks. If you want to get into my house you’re going to have to make some noise and I’m a light sleeper.

My preferred method of securing the door to my home is a 2×4 completely across the door. It fits a steel slot that’s held in place with three 4 inch hardened steel lag bolts. Somewhere on the net I saw where they make portable versions of these. However you can go to your local hardware store or Lowes, tell them what you want to do and they can give you the correct brackets. Then it’s a simple matter of bolting it up. No high priced door locks or doors.

If I had a family I’d want something more and I’d probably do some type of monitored alarm thing and also a camera at the front door so my wife and kids could check before they answer the door. It all depends on how much you want to spend and what you want your security to do for you.

Do you want to install security cameras inside you home? How about security lights and motion detectors outside? You can also put security cameras outside of your house. When it comes to security cameras you can get hardwired or wireless. The wireless cams worked fine for me when I was married. However there is a limitation as to how far from the wireless source they can be. If it’s to far you’ll have to get a re transmitter which will extend the range.

How about your car? Is it safe and secure? Today we love our technological safety and security devices. From remote alarm systems for our vehicles, to ADT security alarms for our homes, to pepper spray in our purses, we like to be set and prepared. It absolutely stinks to be stuck in a dangerous situation and have nothing to turn to.

It’s a sad thing that there are so many bad people we need to be protected from. The law enforcement people do the best they can but it’s really up to you to protect yourself and provide security for your home and family. The police can take 5-10 minutes to get to your house in an emergency and you need to have security in place that will give you that much time.

I think most people feel vulnerable when they’re home alone. This goes double for when they’re alone in some dark, dank parking level or on a questionable street corner at night. Fear levels increase and it can be difficult not to show that fear. Even though it’s the last thing you want to do. Predators look for that fear in potential victims. Matter of fact you might want to take a self defense course that teaches you how not to act like an easy victim. There are signs predators look for and they don’t like approaching people who don’t show those signs.

One thing you can do to increase the safety of your situation is purchase a remote alarm and a remote starter for your car. This way you can start your vehicle before you even reach it. But, you can keep the doors locked until you get to the driver’s side. Unlock only the driver’s side door and enter safely. If someone chooses to approach you in a frightening manner, you can always hit the alarm button and draw plenty of attention to yourself.

There are many ways you an take care of the security and safety of yourself and your family. Come back often as this blog will have the latest in cutting edge safety and security information for you. BTW, if you can get a complete ADT alarm system installed for free and you can afford the monthly payments it’s my opinion that that’s the way to go. Those types of systems should take care of you and your family just fine and also take care of the safety and security of your home when you are away.