An end to end Audio/Video conferencing solution incorporates a full suite of video systems, infrastructure for multiple environments and centralized management tools. You can expand it even further by integrating with external devices and productivity tools.

Essentials video components. Camera, Microphone, Monitor, Speaker, Codec. These are the five essentials components that constitute video conferencing system. The camera and microphone capture the image and sound at one location. The codec converts the video and audio into digital signal and compresses it before sending it out over the network. At the other end, the codec decompresses the signal and feeds the picture to a monitor and sound to a loud speaker.

pic-03Our end-to-end solution may include some or all of the following products depending on the site and customer requirement:

    • Tele-presence.
    • Group Video Conferencing Systems.
    • Desk or Personal Video Conferencing Systems.
    • Industry Applications.
    • Centralized Management and Scheduling Tools.
    • Multipoint Control Unit (MCU).
    • Video Infrastructure.
    • Content Server.
    • Peripherals and accessories.

Public Address

Its just announcement with normal speakers & microphones. Zoning is must.
STI, Reverberation & SPL to be maintained.

Voice Alarm

    • The system should have pre-recorded messages.
    • Evacuation.
    • Alarm.
    • All Clear.
    • Interfacing to fire alarm system mandatory.
    • Monitoring mandatory.
    • Should comply to standards as it is life safety.