Building Management System

Building automations™ main focus is automation of utility services. This directly affects the work environment by increasing the comfort levels. This can also improve the productivity and further contribute to energy conservation.

Today most of the industries, commercial and institutional buildings have some form of controls to Automate Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC), lightning, access and security within the building.

Before each had different control for HVAC, Lightning, they did not have any communication between each other. Due to which the building had more number of control systems. Each has different network running throughout the building. Also involving more number of contractors to maintain the systems.

Since time and energy are very important factors, people thought of using intelligent systems in an intelligent way. There came the evolution of building Automation.

Building automation is making an intelligent building by using technically advanced systems that fully integrates the control of security, lightening heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and other major building functions.

What can automation do for your building?

    • Reduce energy consumption.
    • Reduce system operating and maintenance costs.
    • Create a comfortable and productive work environment.
    • Ensure security for people and property.
    • Increase occupancy and rental income.

What do you look for in an Automation system?

    • Cost effective to install.
    • Reliable and trouble free to operate.
    • Inexpensive to modify and expand
    • Easy to operate and maintain.