Fire Suppression Systems

Our fire suppression systems represent the most effective fire protection on the market today. These systems are especially suited to suppress fires in areas where an electrically non-conductive medium is required, where cleanup of other agents poses a problem, and in normally occupied areas that demand a non-toxic agent.

Safe for people

Because it is used at concentrations of only 4 to 6% by volume, well below the 10% concentration maximum for safe exposure, Fluorokotene provides the widest safety margin of any chemical clean agent available today. IN accordance with NFPA 2001, Fluorokotene is safe for occupied spaces.

Safe for planet

An ozone depletion potential(ODP) of zero, a global warming potential(GWP) of one and a five-day atmospheric lifetime(the next closest product in 16 years) makes Fluorokotene the cleanest, most environment friendly chemical agent in existence.

Total area protection

The standard fixed nozzle system is capable of automatic detection and actuation and/or remote manual activation. Detection is provided 24/7 through a Control System, with other detection options available. Each system is custom engineered to the specific application by out trained engineers.

Application that benefit from our fire suppression system.

    • Aviation facilities.
    • Commercial/naval vessels.
    • Computer and electronic control rooms.
    • Critical military systems.
    • Data processing centers.
    • Medical facilities.
    • Museums.
    • Offshore platforms.
    • Power generation plants.
    • Tape storage and vaults.
    • Telecommunications and switch rooms.
    • Ammuniation depots.