Dual Source (Solar and wind) based lightening protection system​


The effectiveness of a lightening conductor does not depend only on the excitation time of a leader to the rod but as well and above all of the capacity to propagate this leader on a large distance to capture the downward leader.

The operating principal of Dual source (solar & wind) based lightening protection system consists, not only to initiate the upward leader, but moreover, provides enough energy to ensure its propagation until the junction with the downward leader.

The first device, named impulse device stores the electrostatic energy present in the atmosphere at the approach of a stormy cloud and releases the excitation of the ascending discharge at the right time.

A second device, named power device, collects and stores the wind and /or solar energy in several strong power capacitors. The lightening conductor is in this way permanently pre-loaded of and important energy which enables him to support the propagation of the ascendant tracer.Advantage of Dual source (solar and wind) based lightening protection system.

    • Maintain the propagation of the tracer by discharge of the power device.
    • Source of energy autonomous and clean.
    • Solar or Wind energy for the power device.
    • Atmospheric electrical field for the impulse device.
    • Consider the cloud polarity.
    • Radius of curve of the head optimizes to reduce the corona effect and guarantee the excitation device.
    • Protection of the electrical part against the rain with a dimension flange.
    • High quality materials, esthetical.
    • Use of stainless steel to resist against corrosion.
    • The lightning conductor can be tested on site with the remote control tester.