BPSI and Pragati Engineers of India Join Forces

Building Protection Systems, Inc. (BPSI) and Pragati Engineers of India Join Forces to Offer the BPSI Next Generation CBRN Sentry One Family of Products, Air Purification Systems and Other Mitigation Strategies to the Nation of India

SAN FRANCISCO, April 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Building Protection Systems, Inc. (BPSI) announced today that they have successfully entered a definitive Sales and Distributorship agreement with Pragati Engineers located in the country of India. BPSI and Pragati Engineers will offer the BPSI Next Generation CBRN Sentry One Family of detection technologies, air purification systems, strategies and services as well as other critical infrastructure protection intellectual property for facilities such as military, airports, hospitals transit, commercial, financial, telecom, banking and other high value iconic assets within India.

Pragati Engineers is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company and was founded in 2001 under the aegis of Mr. Rohit Bhatnagar. They have become one of the fastest growing companies within India offering design and engineering services for: Physical Security Systems and Design, Building Automation, Professional Sound Systems, Audio and Video Integration, Access Control and other Systems.

Pragati Engineers is registered with many government agencies including Military and Defense and has offices throughout India. They also have collaborative partnerships with various European companies in the field of Security, Surge and Lightning Arrestors and Sound Systems. The “Team” is made up of Engineers focused on CBRN and Physical Security, Air Quality Systems, Structural and Critical Infrastructure, Electrical, Automation, Audio/Visual & MEP. They are capable of handling any project from small installations to campus wide retrofits.

“With the current volatile state of many regions of the world and the current COVID-19 outbreak, we believe Pragati Engineers will bring huge security based initiatives as well as established air purification strategies to the people of India as they address current vulnerabilities throughout the country. BPSI’s technology solutions and services capability will make for a strong partnership for the Indian market,” said Jay Poggi, Senior Engineer of Homeland Security Solutions & Integrations at BPSI.

“We see our partnership with BPSI opening the door to create big growth in the CBRN and Air Purification market within India with a focus on the Underground Metro Systems, Military, Hospitals, Airports, Shopping Malls, Important Government Facilities, Shipping Ports and other such facilities requiring protection and security from the senseless acts of violence on human life from global terrorist organizations and accidental releases of toxic compounds. We are also well aligned to engineer, install and support the newest and most effective air purification strategies available today and to assist the Country battle this COVID-19 silent killer. Knowing that the experts say this virus may be here for several years, we look forward to installing air purification and mitigation systems and strategies to protect people and assets from this virus and to assist in keeping our vibrant Indian economy on the correct path,” said Rohit Bhatnagar at Pragati Engineers.

About BPSI

BPSI is the world leader in reliable automated toxin protection life-safety systems for public gathering spaces, mass transit stations, and buildings. Founded by building systems experts with over 30 years of infrastructure experience, BPSI’s products quickly and reliably detect, identify and isolate toxic chemicals and radioactive isotopes in the air to protect innocent people and assets. More information can be found at www.BPSIglobal.com or 888-888-BPSI.